Our candles

Every aspect of our candles - from ingredients, materials, to shapes, to packaging, is thoughtfully designed, to help you drift off to a happy space.

Finely Handcrafted

Created in the finest tradition of French luxury candle-making, our perfumes are painstakingly curated by some of the best perfumers in France and the USA.

Premium Quality

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The right balance

Believing in the Swedish concept of Lagom, meaning to find the perfect balance, all Misa candles have the optimum amount of fragrance throw - neither overpowering nor underwhelming, just perfect.

Earth friendly

100% soy wax from sustainable soy for an eco-friendly, clean burn with lead-free cotton wicks. FSC, Recycled and fully recyclable plastic-free packaging.


Our candle glass is recyclable! So get creative and re-use them later.

Animal friendly

We love animals, so no animal testing for us.